Before our work begins please take a few minutes to review the job related situations below to ensure work efficiency, safety, and property protection. Supervision
You do not need to be home during installation. Our professional roofing crews have worked for us for many years. They will be well supervised and their craftsmanship will be inspected throughout the installation. A final inspection will take place upon completion of the job. The inspection includes:  checking all areas of the roof, painting, vent waterproofing, and the removal of trash and loose nails from your property. We are fully insured. Access
Your driveway will need to be accessible for placement of shingles and our trash truck. We will coordinate with you in advance for the most convenient time for you and the location for material delivery and setup. Weather
Our work is dependent on favorable weather conditions. Occasionally, conditions require us to reschedule installations to prevent accidents and to ensure we don’t get caught with an “open roof.” Your understanding and patience during weather delays is appreciated. Safety Precautions
While work is in progress, loose nails and debris will be present on your property. Although we clean up after ourselves daily, you are responsible for the safety of children and pets. Please do not allow them to play in the work area until after the final clean up when all materials and debris have been removed. Property Protection
To prevent damage, items such as patio furniture, potted plants, toys, cars, etc. should be moved away from your house. To protect attic valuables from dust and falling debris, they should be moved or covered with a sheet or tarp. Sawing and hammering can cause wall vibration. Check and remove any breakable items from the walls, such as mirrors and pictures, and move fragile items from shelves. Noise
To minimize the risk of your roof’s exposure to the weather, we must begin work very early and continue until after dark. Please pardon the annoying and inconvenient noise during installation. Caution For the protection of your lawn and for a safe and clean work area, do not water your lawn the night before or during installation. Occasionally a power saw will trip a circuit breaker. If you experience a power outage, check your breaker box. Vibration and work activity can cause vent connections to loosen or separate. If allowed access, we will check them for you.

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