We understand you have many options to choose form when selecting a contractor. After many years in the business and hiring several contractors and sub-contractors, we have learned what to look for in a company. Follow these guidelines and you will educate yourself with the knowledge necessary to make the right decision for your project.

1)   Insurance

We strongly recommend you apply some serious thought before even considering a contractor who is not insured in accordance with all the Texas State provisions necessary to operate a roofing company. APEX Roofing Company will provide you with a certificate from our insurance carrier outlining our type of insurance and our policy limits. The protection of our customers, as well as our employees, is held at a high level of importance to our company.

2)    Financial

The financial stability of the company you are considering to perform work on your home is extremely important. Maintaining good lines of credit and proper payment history is a sign of a strong and stable company in any successful business. Property liens can be filed by product suppliers and sub-contractors that were not paid in full for their services rendered. APEX Roofing will offer appropriate credit references to prove their financial history and stability.

3)   Products

Today’s marketplace is equipped with many different types and styles of products to maintain or upgrade the quality and appearance of your roofing systems. Your contractor of choice should be familiar with, and have the ability to explain in detail the right products for your project. High grade roofing products are a must have to protect one of your most prized investments, your home. APEX Roofing has extensive product knowledge and is familiar with the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines during the installation process.

4)   References

An extensive reference list is a very useful tool when selecting a contractor of any trade. This will enable you to contact former customers to inquire about the business practices of that particular company and the satisfaction of the finished product. We recommend this list contain customer contacts from recently completed projects within the last year. APEX Roofing updates our list annually to include projects completed the previous year.

5)   Better Business Bureau                                                                        

Membership in the Better Business Bureau shows the company views customer complaints as a serious matter. The Bureau keeps excellent records of complaints against its members. We support the principals and purposes of the Better Business Bureau and will not engage in any activity that reflects unfavorably on the Bureau or its members. Our customers and their complete satisfaction have been and always will be our main focus. Our membership, as well as our status within the Better Business Bureau is very important to APEX Roofing as a company.

Whether your project requires the removal and replacement of your existing roof, roofing, skylight, or chimney repairs, we hope this information will aid you in your search for the right contractor. Let us satisfy your roofing, restoration, and remodeling needs now and in the future.

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