Commercial Roofing Systems

We provide expertise in all commercial and low-slope roofing systems, including “Energy-Star” roof coatings, EPDM “membrane” restoration, Hypalon and single-ply applications.

We focus on the individual needs of each building, and its owner or developer, to determine the most appropriate roofing system options for each situation. We help you budget for current and future needs with an annual maintenance plan to provide the service your roof deserves.

Our expertise with commercial and industrial roofing allows us to help you choose the optimal roof solutions for your facilities. We have the ability and experience to furnish and install each of the below primary roof systems:


Green Roof Options

Apex Roofing recognizes the importance of conservation, energy efficiency, green roof solutions and recycling. We will continue to do our best to work with roofing solutions that benefit our customers and our world today and into the future.

Form and Function: Black roofs are coated to provide an attractive white surface that reflects heat and sunlight.

Waterproofing: The coating is a three-step application providing additional water resistance to the existing roof system, flashing and penetrations.

Energy Savings:  Cooler roofs may reduce utility bills and electricity demands on your facility. Coatings also protect your roof and may reduce expensive maintenance costs.

 Cool Roofs
 Energy Star
 Garden Roofing
 LEED Program
 Photovoltaic Solar
 Tax Incentives
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